We began our production of nordmann fir Christmas trees and noble greenery, in 1992, after many years of experience in the sector.

The trees and cut-green are produced intensively. After planting the cultures are taken care of and maintained, i.e. it is squirted, fertilized, stumped and form cut as required at the sides and in the height.

Annually we sell approximately 80.000 Christmas trees and 15-20 tons off cut-green from medium aged stands.

This way our production will be rising in the coming years, and we are in position to deliver Christmas trees in all sizes.

We have a network co-operation with other local producers, so that we, as agreed with the customer, are able to supply with trees, in order to consider the desires of the customer concerning quantity, tree species and quality.

We mark the sales ready trees our selves, but the customers can also, as arranged, mark the trees on their own.

We make an effort always to deliver fresh products punctually as agreed on.

We have our own disposal of the following machines for processing: Portal tractor (felling), netting machine, sharpener and CT packing machine. Hereby we can process the trees and greenery at the most optimal moment.

We welcome you to visit us, in order to examine the Christmas trees locally.

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